Legal Services 
Legal writing and research have always been among my strongest skills. I am interested in any legal writing or research project of any type and complexity. While my practice in the U.S. was focused on removal defense, waivers, and BIA appeals, my current concentration in legal writing gives me the flexibility to undertake almost any type of writing project for any type of case. Fees and payment arrangements are negotiable for projects involving unique subject matters or issues.

I am one of only three attorneys licensed in Ohio who is also an Ohio Supreme Court certified court interpreter, and my credentials as a court interpreter distinguish me from the many other competent translators who can do the work but can’t provide the commentary and analysis. While there are many organizations that offer document translation services between Spanish and English, I can offer something more: context. Not only will your translation be rendered or reviewed by a fully bilingual attorney with years of experience, but I can also offer commentary and interpretation that most translation services can’t provide. I can supply you with an affidavit that adds context to your translation, explaining uncommon or culturally-specific terms and analyzing the potentially hidden meaning in the phrasing, vocabulary choices, and writing or speaking style of the document’s author.

Interpretation review
If you are appealing a decision based on allegations of interpreter error, or believe that faulty interpretation may have prejudiced your client, I can review and compare recordings and transcripts of the proceedings to render an opinion on whether a flawed interpretation affected the nature or quality of testimony or other statements. Effective interpretation requires a high level of familiarity with both languages. My years of experience speaking both English and Spanish on a daily basis allow me to spot flaws in interpretations rendered by others that may change the meaning in the target language, or elicit a different type of answer from a witness than a more precise interpretation might have.